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Noir at the Bar at the Wonderland Ballroom

Last weekend, I did something that I have never done before. I went to a bar in DC to listen to crime fiction writers read out loud in front of a crowd of people. It was at the Wonderland Ballroom, in DC. I had never been there, but heard about the event, called “Noir at the Bar,” through Facebook. A friend of mine who is a writer would be reading there and so it posted on my news feed. I was intrigued. I had heard of slam poetry at bars, but I didn’t realize that the same could be done for fiction. I guess it makes sense. So I decided to go, and lucky for me, my amazing husband agreed to go too.

The Wonderland Ballroom was a bit smaller than I had imagined. Noir at the Bar was being held upstairs and started at 6. We reached there at about 6:15 and the place was already packed. The only available seating was way in the back, by the bar.

There were 9 readers in all, including my friend, Natasha Tynes, who was there to promote her new book “They Called Me Wyatt.” Many of the readers were fantastic and I really admired their bravery for getting up there on stage and expressing themselves. I can remember writing short stories in school and having to get up in front of the class to read and feeling miserable about the whole situation. I was never confident enough! But these people really showed me how it’s done. I was even inspired a little bit to get back into writing. Maybe… who knows?

The presenters from Saturday’s performance were:

Mark Bergin
Bill Beverly
Jenny Drummey
James Grady
Nik Korpon
Christina Kovac
Matthew Jones
Natasha Tynes – my favorite, of course!
Caroline Walker

After everyone got a chance to read, the audience voted for who did the best job. The lucky winner then received a black t-shirt that reads on the front “I won D.C.’s Noir at the Bar and all I got was this dumb t-shirt.” Then on the back it says, “Oh, and herpes.” Unfortunately, my friend didn’t get the shirt. I’m sure she probably didn’t mind.

2018 Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show

This afternoon, Rockville hosted its annual antique car show which featured over 500 classic and antique cars. I’m not much of a car fan, but my 8 year old daughter loves looking at the antiques (she’s very much like her grandfather in this way). Of course I took her to the car show and we were both amazed by the beautiful, fascinating, and often unique cars. And although this has nothing to do with books, I figured I’d feature some of the pictures on my blog as a random, but fun post. I hope you enjoy!